"You start where you are at, gently come back to here and now...awaken to what's arising with compassion and curiosity...then you can act from a place of wisdom" 


I finished my mindfulness teacher training with Breathworks in 2014 and I am a fully accredited Breathworks mindfulness teacher. I am insured to teach mindfulness and meet the requirements of the Good Practice Guidance for teaching mindfulness-based courses published by the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers. I have regular supervision and attend several retreats a year to deepen my understanding of mindfulness practice. 

​Since completing my Breathworks training I have taught mindfulness for a wide variety of organisations from the mental health charity Mind to the international engineering consultancy Buro Happold.

I have recently (2021) graduated from the MMTCP 2 year mindfulness teacher training course led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. During this training I was supervised by my mentor Trish Magyari a highly experienced mindfulness teacher specialising in trauma.

Before teaching mindfulness I worked as a television editor. At that time, I found myself reflecting on life. When I was in my late teens I had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks, I then spent a lot of time looking after a close family member who struggled with life. I began to find myself thinking there must be another way that we can cope with life's ups and downs. When I was in my early twenties my Father died suddenly and my Aunt who was like a mother to me died 3 month before him. This loss and deep grief woke me up to the beauty and vulnerability of life and I made the decision to have a break from my career as a television editor and to re-train. I decided I wanted to help people to live more peaceful and happy lives no matter what their circumstances. 

The first thing I did when I left my job was go to a meditation class, I loved having the space to be and to develop more of an awareness of my mind and body. I also started working as a volunteer on an inpatient unit at a hospice. Being with people near the end of their life was a deeply moving and life changing experience for me. 

I then began to train as a shiatsu practitioner (shiatsu is a form of therapeutic body-work). I was very lucky to have a wonderful teacher who was passionate about present moment awareness and this sparked something deep within me. Training in shiatsu has been deeply important in my mindfulness journey. I spent four years learning to listen, to connect, to be in the present moment with whatever arises and how to apply this to being with people who are suffering and in pain.

After finishing my shiatsu training I took an eight week mindfulness course with another inspiring teacher and this deepened my practice and awareness further. It wasn't easy but at the end I experienced a real shift in myself and I knew that this was something I would continue to cultivate and practice for the rest of my life and that I wanted to share it with others. I began to train as a mindfulness teacher seven months later. I have been meditating regularly for 13 years and I have had a daily mindfulness meditation practice for 11 years. 

I believe our true inner nature is a space of peace. We spend half our lives running from ourselves, when actually we can return to ourselves for sanctuary. We can cultivate a sense of stability and inner trust during difficult times.

Mindful Reflections

“We must look at ourselves over and over again in order to learn to love, to discover what has kept our hearts closed, and what it means to allow our hearts to open.”

“In this there is no judgment and no blame, for we seek not to perfect the world but to perfect our love for what is on this earth.”

                                                        - Jack Kornfield


Qualifications and training courses attended:​  


​Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification Programme (MMTCP) from The Greater Good Science Centre, UC Berkeley with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, 2019-  2021

Mindfulness in Schools .B certification - 2020
Intermediate Counselling Skills Level 2- 2019- 2020
The Power of Awareness 7 week course with Sounds True and The Greater Good Science Centre,
mentored by Cynthia Wilcox - 2018

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Foundational 8 week training
​for health professionals with Dr Russ Harris - 2018

Transformational Dialogue with Keith Phillips - 2 day workshop 2017 
Certificate in Counselling Skills - Introduction - 2017 
Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living Teacher Training: Foundation - 2016 
Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher Accreditation supervised by Gary Hennessey - 2014
Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher Training Level TT1 , TT2 and TT3  - 2012- 2013
Mental Health Awareness NFCE Level 2 - 2014
Mental Health First Aid Certificate - 2013
MRSS Postgraduate Shiatsu year - 2012
Transforming Shiatsu Postgraduate year - 2012
Diploma in Shiatsu - 2008-2011
BA (hons) Broadcasting degree 2:1 - 2001-2004

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